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Witchers Brew

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Brand Witchers Brew

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100% PG concentrates in a 30ml bottle

Makes 60ml once mixed with base

Handcrafted premium liquids made with the finest extracts, perfectly blended to deliver fantastic body and flavor


  • Level One Elixir

A perfect balance of ingredients creating a thick vapour as the flavours swirl and encompass your mouth bringing your tastebuds in to a frenzy. Some peach, maybe something whipped cream or even butterscotch or honey with undertones of rum? What is this mellow sweetness that keeps you wondering, is it a dessert or a fruit vape? Maybe it's a dessert vape verging on a slight fruit taste. You decide..

 Recommended mix: 30%PG 70%VG

 12ml flavour concentrate


  • Blackbird

Enjoyed like a fine scotch whiskey. Better yet enjoy it with your favourite whisky and keep warm during the cold winter months. It's bold and only for the bold! These exquisite American tobaccos grown and extracted in North Carolina combine to give Blackbird its in your face tobacco punch. But don't be afraid, a subtle layering of citrus and non citrus flavours give this vape a very unique flavour profile unlike any other. It's finished off with a hint of cognac liquor to cleanse the palate. 

Recommmened mix: 40%PG 60%VG 

12ml flavour concentrate 


  • Devil's Cut

A robust blend of tobacco grown and extracted in North Carolina. In the forefront is a pleasing Virginia extract matched with two other specialty tobaccos giving Devil's Cut it's unique flavour profile. It's sweet but not too sweet. Fresh bananas and other sweet secrets finish this delectable tobacco vape.

Recommened mix: 40%PG 60%VG

6.6ml flavour concentrate