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Vape Craving

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Brand Vape Craving

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100% PG Concentrate

Makes 60ml once mixed with base

Recommended steep time: 3-5 days

No artificial colourings

Focus on unique varieties, indulgence and complexity


  • Adventure

Brings together intoxicating pineapple elements and a traditional creamy aftertaste. Intertwines titillating coconut mid-tones with an aromatic island spirit. If you're looking for an alluring and sweet juice that is a sweet blend, this juice is for you!


  • Daydream

Entangles toasty nutty elements with a quiet creamy nucleus. The aroma notes resonate on the palette with added dimensions of coffee beans and gooey caramel. This is a delectable ejuice that resonates with savory flavor. There is a great sweetness inhale with hazelnut and the sweet, yet salted caramel resonates on the exhale. Either way, this e liquid resonates the main taste of amazing coffee.


  • Delight

Soft buttery pecans with a sweet and savory bite of salted caramel and hints of tobacco that will leave your tastebuds delighted.


  • Desire

Intertwined exotic guava flavor and a brazen mango aroma. It combines carefree vanilla essences and a fruity flirtatious bouquet. On the inhale, you can definitely taste the tart and sweet flavor of the mango. It is tantalizing on the tongue and definitely adds a freshness to the juice. This also blends very well with a subtle vanilla flavor which creates a smooth throat hit.


  • Pleasure

Banana incorporated fruit essence with a creamy strawberry undertone. This juice is a food friendly vape that enhances flavors after every bite. Flavors are very complex and the finish can last more than a minute. There is a succulent, creamy undertone which creates a very light, yet mysterious inhale that fuses well with the strawberries. The banana that you taste is to us, more of an undertone. All flavors play very well together and create a mouthwatering sensation that leaves you coming back for more; time and time again.