RSM Hybrid | 18350 Genesis

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Brand Rocket Science Mods

Designed to follow a natural evolution of our previous atomiser ranges, we are proud to present Rocket Science Mods latest product - the RSM Hybrid.  

The RSM Hybrid is initially available with the genesis atomiser head (dripper head will follow in September)

Initially available in 18350 mode, size is 92mm to the top of the topcap (roughly the same as a provari mini without an atomiser attached)


Cut from solid stainless steel stock, features a bronze ultra low pressure double piston switch for feather light / smooth operation (0.5mm throw)
The threading on the RSM Hybrid is standard m20x1 (for switch & atomiser sections)

The RSM Hybrid is a great wicking device & is designed to run with a sealed deck (all holes plugged). This makes it significantly less prone to flooding / excess juice issues

The chamber design of the top cap is a double step reduced chamber, with an effective chamber size of 14mm x 5mm (circular). This gives a vape similar to the more intense 16mm sized attys, but with the aesthetics & juice capacity of a 22mm unit.

Tank capacity is 2.3ml, can run as single or U wick setup.

All insulators on the new hybrid are cut from high spec PEEK which is much more resistant to melting from high power vaping setups.