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Insignia Hybrid Adapter

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The most versatile 510 to M20 x 1 adapter on the market. With an adjustment range of 6.5mm (6mm min. to12.5mm max adjustment)no other fully threaded adapter can make this claim. This is a multi piece unit, all optional adjustment pins and cups are directly attached and threaded on your 510 device, no floating pins, drop in discs, or magnets. Made from silver plated C360 brass. Adjustments are made with two threaded cups that have a large diameter for more thread contact surface area. These work for either flat top or button top batteries. These parts are machined to very tight tolerences with smooth finished super fine threads that will allow infinite fine adjustments. Each revolution will increase or reduce the length of your adapter by 0.5mm. Fine threads create more contact surface area and help reduce resistance in the adapter. We are also including a 6mm x 1mm silicone o ring to be used for 510 devices that have a very short thread depth on their connector. This o ring would be installed on your 510 connector before the 20x1 negative contact ring is installed. Using this o ring will require the M3 x 2.5 or M3 x 1.75 set screw to make positive connect with the positive center post on your device. In addition, the negative contact ring my be instlled in reverse and elimate the need for the o ring, use of set screws will be required for this setup.


1x M20 x 1mm threaded negative contact ring (silver plated brass)

1x 510 threaded delrin insulator

1x Threaded Positive contact cup ( 6mm +/- height,variation depends on 510 center post height on your device) (silver plated brass)

1x M3 x 1.75 grub screw ( used to set the positive contact cup in place , will not unthread when removing your device for battery changes) (silver plated brass)

1x M3 x 2.5 grub screw (used for adjustments from 6.25mm to 7.50mm) (silver plated brass)

1x threaded small extension cup (7.40mm to 10mm) (silver plated brass)

1x threaded Large extension cup ( 9.75mm to 12.5mm) (silver plated brass)

1x 6mm ID x 1mm CS Silicone o ring (used for devices with short 510 threads)

This adapter will NOT work on double threaded M20 x 1 or M20 x 0.5 threaded devices.