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Nemesis Silver Rhodium Pins

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From the manufacturer: These contacts are extremely conductive but even more so they are “maintenance free” as Rhodium itself never oxidizes, corrodes, or tarnishes. You will see a dramatic reduction in the need to polish or clean these and your device will fire consistently with little variation in voltage output as Rhodium creates the resistance to electrical arcing, which happens when electricity jumps the gap just before and after a switch makes contact and this creates hot spots that oxidize.

I have put a lot of time into the development of these contacts, as I wanted to make sure that the layer of silver applied to the brass was thick enough to source the conductivity while the rhodium was thin enough that it would only play its role in adding anti-oxidation properties. 

The quality and performance of these contacts speak for themselves. Given my background, all materials, machining, and plating, are Aerospace quality and produced in Southern California.