Policy statements from all over falsely accuse e-cigs/vaping of harm potential


The attacks on e-cigs are the first step in a propaganda campaign aimed at greasing the rails for passing regulations. Regulations which will earn astronomical sums of money.
Propylene glycol has been considered GRAS by the FDA since the early seventies and is used in everything from medicines to cosmetics. But now suddenly it's harmful? They are very deliberately making false comparisons between ecigs and analogs in order to push their agenda. It's up to our community. Vapers all around the world, to step up our game and make sure that we start an INFORMATION campaign immediately to counteract every false claim before the MISINFORMATION becomes so embedded in the public psyche that we will appear as nutjuob conspiracy theorists if we wait too long.
Start doing it people. Flood your social networking with REAL information about ecigs. Talk about how they helped you and others quit analogs. There are "studies" coming out that are making the news that flat out state that there is NO EVIDENCE to prove that ecigs contribute to smoking cessation.
Every single vaper I know has used them to quit analogs. That's dozens of people. How about you? But we have an uphill battle because "they" have already also coupled a social stigmata against smokers as well as cigarettes themselves and thus we have a slightly lower credibility in the public perception.
We have a LOT of work to do folks. But if we all take a few extra steps a day we can spread that burden. Many hands make light work.

August 30, 2014 by Michael Nicholson
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