Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

There is a significant increase of electronic cigarette users in the past couple of years but there are still people who are asking “are electronic cigarettes safe.’’ The devices look like tobacco cigarettes but, instead of smoke, they emit oil based vapor flavored with nicotine contained in a cartridge. Users inhale the vapor the same way they smoke a traditional cigarette.

E-cigarettes have become too popular that even tobacco companies are thinking of going into the business themselves. The devices are endorsed by many celebrities and appeals to many demographics. 

E-cigarettes are smokeless alternatives to cigarettes. Most of the new users switched from cigarettes to avoid the health hazards connected with smoking such as high risks of cancer from the toxins and tar released by burning tobacco.


Are electronic cigarettes safe?

E-cigarettes can contain nicotine but in its isolated form, it is relatively harmless. It is only harmful when mixed with inhaling the tobacco smoke from traditional cigarettes, which contain thousands of chemicals. E-cigarettes remove all other harmful ingredients and isolate nicotine to provide a safer alternative. It is another nicotine delivery device that is as safe as patches. 


Electronic cigarettes are small battery-operated devices that heats up liquid nicotine and turn it into vapour. The other ingredients include water, propylene glycol and flavouring. These are proven safe for human consumption.


The medical world still has no clear answer to the question are electronic cigarettes safe. The devices are tobacco-free, and former smokers have claimed that they used e-cigarettes to weed out the bad habit. There are safety researches in progress to determine whether they are nontoxic and safe for daily use.


Electronic cigarettes decrease the cravings smokers experience such as the need to put something in their mouth and hold something between their fingers. This makes the device more effective than gum or patches. You don’t need a health professional to prescribe an e-cigarette in order to use one as part of nicotine replacement therapy.


Second-hand vapor from electronic cigarettes are safer than smoke from traditional cigarettes because they don’t contain harmful pollutants and toxic compounds that are by-products of tobacco combustion. 


Most proponents claim that the answer to the question are electronic cigarettes safe, is a resounding yes. Industry-sponsored researches have shown e-cigarettes to be safe for use, This is why consumers must buy their e-cigarettes from reputable sources.


Evidence suggests that e-cigarettes are safer compared to regular cigarettes. Tests are conducted to answer the burning question are electronic cigarettes safe and the answer is yes. Switching to e-cigarettes is a dependable way to quit smoking, or become a safer alternative.

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