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Even though it was invented in the early 1960, the e cigarette was not fully appreciated and used until the year 2000. A recent study shows that close to 4 million Americans now consume this product and the number is expected to grow with the advantages and the safety that the product has come with. With the e cigarette general population that are irritated by the smell of tobacco has been drastically reduced. A lot of development has also been done on the product and now, one can appreciate the e cigarette liquid that come in different flavors.


When choosing the type of e cigarette liquid to buy, you need to consider a lot of factors.

  • One of the factors that you need to always comprehend on before buying is your smoking habits. There are those that are heavy smokers and those that are not. If you are a light smoker, you will need to smoke the one which has a lower amount of nicotine; thus, you will choose one that has small dosage. If you are a heavy smoker, you will need one that has a slightly higher amount of nicotine dosage as compared to the light smokers.

Another factor that you need to consider when choosing e cigarette liquid to vape is the flavor that comes with it. Therefore, you need to understand what taste you mostly prefer especially if the one flavour you love is unavailable for you. This goes without saying that, for the new consumers of the product, you will need to try all the varieties for you to find one that mostly suits you. From the variety of the flavours in the market, you are assured of getting one that

  • matches your taste completely. One that falls from the coffee flavour to the tobacco flavour itself.
  • The final factor that you need to factor in when buying the e cigarette liquid is the cost of the cigar in comparison to the quality. There are a lot of e cigarette in the market, and it depends on you to get one that suits your financial ability. In addition to this, it is your responsibility to get one that is of high quality. You do not want to get one that is of low quality because it is cheap as this will be exposing you to more risks which may finally be expensive though in a different way.


The design of the e cigarette is made in such a way that reduces the amount harmful ingredients in the smoke. As the e cigarette liquid burns, the vapor it releases is not only less harmful but it also has fewer odours. This is what makes it advantageous to use if you are in a group of people who are irritated by the smell of plainly burning cigarette. Coupling this with the different flavors that have now been designed and manufactured, the smoking of cigarette is about to change for the better.


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